Have You Experienced The Mandela Effect?

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  • BrianAiya reply When you thought you replied to someone's text but you didn't? Mandela effect!!! also it's not Kit-Kat, but KitKat. MINDBLOWN! I guess that our generation now gets distracted more and we have shorter attention span, like we don't even memorize our friend's mobile number. The future will have even more mandela effects.
  • [ – ] Youpeoplearenuts reply Kit-Kat defiantly had a dash in it
    • Kimota parent reply It happened me the same, favorite candy as a kid, I remember it with a dash, now I look at the logo and it feels wrong.
  • JustHypeVibe reply Mind blown! I've also experience this with Looney tunes which is suppose to be Looney toons.
  • [ – ] OrionBlastar reply Anyone remember Curious George had a tail? Monkeys have tails, apes don't. George is a monkey so he should have a tail? Anyone remember him having a tail?
  • MonksBlood reply it's CERN! it's the Russians!
  • Ricalloo reply I still can't believe Eisenhower isn't on the dime!
  • Kimota reply With more and more time, I think the mandella effect is crap, don't get me wrong, I don't deny that there has been some weird stuff in this world, and I've seen some shit, but I feel like there must be another explanation, maybe a mass psicosis or a subliminal effect or just people misremembering, But basically I've two experiences, but only one is worth of talk about, I basically watched a cartoon episode that I didn't exist when I was a kid, the show Invader Zim, "Return of Keef", there it exist the script of the episode, but it never have been done, I found the information about some years latter on the Internet and I remember exactly how it ends with the explotion, now more years latter(the past year) I found all this mandella effect stuff, It was shocking, I have read some comments in other sites of people happening the same stuff with an episode from Dexter, "Rude Removal" that has never been aired except recently in the year 2013, and worse they remember the episode being dubbed...more to spanish, something a lot more unthinkable to do because it has never been aired to begging with(same with me an Invader Zim I remember the voices in my natal language). But I try to do not mind it so much, because it doesn't affect me as a person.
  • 1240podcast reply We did a podcast episode on the Mandella effect. It's pretty easy to explain without having people slip between parallel universes that just happens to be 99.99% exactly the same as the one they came from. I figure Occam's Razor applies here.
  • 4real0316 reply This appears to be damage control to me I wonder who hired him. Let's be realistic if a large group of people all around the globe have the same memories and I can't be having a false memory it's a personal memory that coincides with somebody else having the identical memories. In a court of law you can't be convicted of murder without two or more witnesses however we have thousands maybe millions of people with the same memories that do not coincide with the current reality it's been explained away as a mental illness or "disorder" clinical term analogy for "misremembering" no thank you my memories are solid as I am sure the people on this page we remember what we remember we will not be told otherwise. who's paying you to sell this I wonder?
  • Arcade-Salad reply It's really intressting how this works and somethings really surprised me and it also a bit weird hahahaha
  • SylvesterSan reply He did say "No I am your father"!
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