Vlog - Thoughts on Modern Masters 2017 (Mention of Spoilers)

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  • [ – ] Aleksander1441 reply I got out my Yugioh cards the other day after watching someone play it on a livestream xD
    • MeloDotty parent reply If they're old old, check them with the current banned list. Yugis old deck was mostly banned/restricted. XD
  • [ – ] Directionally_Challenged reply Few things: I love drafting, I really do, But the thing i Hate about drafts is this- I SUCK AT DECK BUILDING. I SUCK AT IT. I can't draft for shit.... there is one thing i hate about modern masters, is that... it re-prints some expensive cards and drops their prices down.
    • MeloDotty parent reply The point of modern masters is to make cards more available to modern players so they don't get blocked out by the gigantic price of entry barrier. I'm okay with MM temporarily diving my card prices, as last couple sets have shown me the prices on the real power cards will go back up. Noble Heirarch might be more expensive now than it ever was, and it was reprinted at rare slot in MM15. My issue with making this a draft set is the set packs tend to run me 2-3x the cost of a regular pack. The only people that can reliably draft this are the wealthy. And that sucks, because it's also a limited run set. THE FUCK IS THE POINT. I prefer my game being accessible to everyone and not just the wealthy, wizards!
  • [ – ] LexiiB reply im not very informed on magic the gathering but glad to hear that this one is better than the old one
    • MeloDotty parent reply Yes, this set is a vast improvement over Modern Masters 2015. It's a set coming out soon for magic the gathering called Modern Masters 2017, a set featuring a bunch of reprints for the format called Modern. (Modern legal cards are all cards printed from 8th Edition onward, minus whats on the banned list.) It's good to get new versions of old cards into new players hands. This video is more of a basic overview of financial value in the set, and a warning not to buy too heavily into the set for too much money, due to the rumors that this set is being printed into oblivion, which is a change from previous Masters sets which had limited print runs.
  • [ – ] Androo_NR_Gaming reply YESSSSS DAMNATION!!!! I fucking love that card so very much! A black WoG! I'm so happy you're doing more of these Dotty! <3
    • MeloDotty parent reply I dislike they held the card for ransom, so it WOULD rise in value, so when they DID reprint it, it'd be worth much more, so overpriced packs will fly off the shelves. I get it from a business perspective. I do. But tactics like that SUCK for new players who aren't rich.
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