Battlefront 2 | A Galaxy Of Misinformation

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  • CiraxAMV reply Just WAIT for it to come out, don't pre-order, don't buy it till you know from reviewers you trust and even then give it some time. Don't fall for the same old shit everytime or we won't get the changes we truly need in the current cancerous gaming industry.
  • WebNoob reply Eh, I'll still play it.
  • The_Red_Guy reply It amazes me how people can still trust EA with this kind of stuff. How many times do you need to be burned before you stop convincing yourself it will be good the next time?
  • TarH2O reply Nice video. Hype culture does set the bar way too high way too fast, so even if a game is good, the very vocal few will drown out its praises. So basically, Battlefront 2 doesn't stand a chance...
  • WolfyAU82 reply The original Battlefront games under Lucas were good, particularly the second and Elite Squadron (PSP ver of what would have been Battlefront 3). But EA has shown absolutely no appreciation for the franchise and has given me no reason to give the rebooted franchise a shot. The last EA Battlefront was over glorified jank and I would expect that of CoD, not Star Wars.
  • Lonecomplex reply Dice / EA got me for the last time with BF1. Frostbite engine looks nice, but the super fast run & gun of modern shooters just doesn't appeal to me much anymore. If I wanted to play something with high twitch I'd be playing Quake. Even so, SW Battlefront 1 sold AMAZINGLY well and of course EA is going to capitalize on that. As long as people keep buying them, they'll keep getting made. Financial Success > Critical Success more often than not.
  • Nylodale reply This is the video i've been waiting for. I knew it couldn't be true from the start. Morale of this video: question everything and don't jump into hype trains.
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