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  • Wolfer reply Wow, this is beautiful
  • lostgodling reply One of my favorites, remarkably enough originally released during a super rough time in my life and managed to cheer me up during many a rewatch (as did wandering around the old Flash castle site design late at night). It's been way too long since we've seen gotten another peak into Brackenwood. This was a good bit of nostalgia though.
  • gridsleep reply Epic, and intense for cell animation. Writing and framing superb.
  • Withisian reply Very good animation and sound. Great job Chluaid.
  • anarkyster reply Great to see that Adam Phillips here! He was one of my inspirations to become an animator!
  • wrathborne reply Always good to see other newgrounders pop up here on Check out my silly shit if you ever got a moment Adam!
  • houstonhowl reply great animation
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