200 Vidme Followers! Q&A

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  • [ – ] danielamann reply Consider me incredibly honored to have been an inspiration for you...the fact that I have had that type of impact on somebody out there is really incredible to me and I really think its cool that you've taken this in stride and just gone with it! And look at all the success you've had doing it! Congrats on over 200 followers! Keep it up Jessica =D
    • JessicaMartwin parent reply Thank you so much Daniel! You have definitely inspired so many people here an Vidme! I have learned so much from watching your vlogs and I hope to learn so much more :)
  • [ – ] iJimUK reply Huge congratulations on hitting 200 followers 👏
  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply Congratulations on reaching 200 followers you really truly deserve it
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply Thanks for answering my questions. You've got a good road map for the next five years, and I hope you achieve it.
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Hey, Jessica, you did really good with all that! Thank you for answering my questions. You are a great sport! As an aside, I have to say that I'm impressed with how easily and quickly you can say the words "Flying Purple Pizzas!" I have to say it slowly or I mess it up. I'm sorry your first alcohol experience was a sad one. A whole bottle of wine sounds like a lot! New Zealand always looks so photogenic, so I get that. I'll eat California rolls but not raw fish. I don't eat meat anymore for health reasons. I have made meals out of ice cream too many times to count. Here's a question: What is your favorite flavors of ice cream? I eat a lot of brown rice, because it's nutritious and easy to make. So you are not into cooking. Me neither, really. I do know how to make some things, though, like soups and pies, especially if my wife helps me remember. The Bahamas sound similar to where I live in Hawaii. Very tropical. You got to go there more than once. That sounds very cool. And getting ...moreto see your grandpa for a week sounds like a nice thought. I bet you two would hit it off, as they say. Here's another few questions for your next Q & A, these a bit weirder: If you died (not soon I hope) and found out there was a nice afterlife, where would you want to travel, who would you want to meet most, and who would you haunt if you could? There - three more questions, or rather one question with three parts. Thanks for another great video! I look forward to them every day. Does your family tune in to watch them to see how you're doing? I would imagine so. Anyway, I wish you well and good luck on your test!
    • JessicaMartwin parent reply I'm not going to lie, I messed up a couple times before I got it right... haha. It is really difficult to say quickly. I like butter pecan and cotton candy ice cream the most :) And California rolls are my favorite. It may not be "real" sushi but it's the best, in my opinion. I love the Bahamas because it's warm there. I don't fair well in the cold which makes people question me about moving to Colorado, haha. And I did not clarify which grandpa I meant in the questions. My mom's dad died when I was really young but my dad's dad died when I was 15 or 16. So, I knew a lot about my paternal grandpa and barely anything about my maternal grandpa. And those are some great questions and I'll be sure to answer them in the next one :D. My sisters watch my vlogs but that's it. Thank you for watching and all of your support :)
  • [ – ] iiMitor reply Congrats on 200!! Wow, I remember when you were just at 37, great to see you growing.... Love the vlogs
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply I know you think working on cars is more out of necessity but to me it is truly amazing and I'm glad you didn't spill your guts all over the yard. I'm so glad that through your timelapses I decided to give it a go creating them. Bah on those Kiwi timelapses, amazing what you could do with the right equipment. I tried to duplicate those by throwing my phone skywards but unfortunately the footage was really really short (future plan, tie balloon to phone and use Jessica's crossbow to bring it back down after 30mins, immediate flaw to this plan, never used a crossbow before) Love to see you in NZ. Congrats on on this milestone, wonderful answers. PS sorry late to the party, was putting a 3m.45sec video together, took my 18hours LoL, I so suck at this.
  • [ – ] dalestark05 reply great video i look forward to watching your videos everyday keep it up
  • [ – ] TheChangingWays reply How many followers do you need to get verified?
  • [ – ] awkwardbob reply Congrats! Brand new on Vid me... trying to feel my way around this new world... Used to YouTube. :) Great video! :)
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