Are the US Navy Carrier Fleets Obsolete?

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  • Paul_W reply Carriers are about posturing, the real boom is in the subs.
  • c_arnold03 reply "There are certain realities which are not going to change. The economic system is going to collapse. If you build an economic boom off of a credit expansion, you are leveraging the future to produce a boom in the present. Given the size and the extent of the boom, and the psychological deterioration that precludes the will to do anything about it, the collapse is practically a given. If I were President Trump I would view my job as managing the landing. To that end, I think you would need a strong Armed Forces, since war normally follows economic contraction. I would also see securing the border as vital, to keep disease and crime at bay to the south when the havoc began. Diminishing the size and intrusiveness of regulatory government and extraneous offices would also be important, so when the collapse hits there is not an additional shock of massive government layoffs. Finally, maintaining, or even expanding private ownership of firearms would also be vital, so the overwhelmingly go...moreod populace can keep the criminality at bay. If I were President Trump, and I were able to do all that, I would have no problem maintaining spending at present levels. I might even increase it, so as to make sure the crash happened toward the end of my term – and to make sure that when it hit it was a doozy, which would force a hard K-reset and eliminate the r-selected environment the rabbits need to perpetuate their treason. The collapse is coming. All we can hope for is to come out of it in one piece. Everything else is meaningless by comparison." -Anonymous Conservative
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