So Glad You're Here

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  • [ – ] AstroLizard reply I saw you upvoted my laugh track video. It's appreciated. So glad you enjoyed it.
    • Sectual parent reply Your videos are so well made and narrated... really appreciate your work and I hope you keep sharing more.
  • [ – ] Trumpenator reply Wow, keep up with drinking that Flouride water. Maybe you should practice what you preach, take off your clothes.. Than yet maybe not,afraid you have a third boob. My cap kept my brains being fried and made me aware you maybe beyond human, like oh my god, like get a life, try eating fruits for once and see you are just another clueless dumb blonde who thinks she is superior over others, and we wear clothes so to prevent imprenating snowflakes like to to create zombie children. Im ok with my hat,my clothes and not knowing you, Peace out.
  • AntiBullshitMan reply God made her funky...
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