2 Books You Need To Read Now!

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  • TheEspressoCat reply I have been reading The Prince in Swedish.. While studying politict science at University. It was like 4 years ago.It might be good idea to read it in English too
  • [ – ] DankDoggo reply i think the best combination with Machiavelli in term of strategy and acting are the "art of war" and the "book of five rings", and "war and peace" should be on the list, only in my opinion
    • KingKool parent reply Yeah I agree totally. And to add to list, the "48 Laws of Power" by Robert Greene is a good read too : )
  • Thornack reply seems interesting, I will check them out. thanks!
  • News2Go reply I will order it looks interesting
  • Bobtoronto reply I've always loved Shakespeare, particularly the sonnets. I've yet to read 'The Prince' but I'd love to read anything by Machiavelli considering we get that wonderful word 'machiavellian' from him. Funny coincidence that I used the word 'machiavellian' in my newest video!
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