SJWs Triggered By Star Wars Tweet

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  • OrionBlastar reply I agree with you, SJWS just throw fits over anything. I like Star Trek and Star Wars and Star Trek paved the way for Star Wars, and since Star Wars came out in 1977, Paramount wanted to counter it in 1978 by making a Star Trek movie. Of course, SJWs get them both confused. They will talk about there needing to be more diversity in Star Wars because it is in the future. So I comment on their blog that Star Wars takes place "A long time ago in a galaxy far far away." etc. Then I get banned and my comment deleted. It shows you how much they don't know. They did the same to movies, video games, comic books, etc and ruined them. The 'Lady' Ghostbusters went straight to DVD. Why? Because SJWs don't watch Sci-Fi or Ghost movies, and the target base for Ghostbusters got attacked in that film, so none of them watched it. The only good that came out of it was limited edition Hostess Twinkies that didn't last very long either.
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