Mandela Effect Where are you from ?

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  • [ – ] tedingalls reply I am affected. I pretty much disregard most pop/cultural changes, but the physical changes to the planet are what still make me sick to my stomach whenever I look at a map or google earth ot old globes.
    • [ – ] mmworland parent reply Yeah, those are trippy, but don't feel sick babe. Look at whats around you, what changes for you...only way to know its a shift. I last shifted on the 8th and South Am. was already up my ass in florida..yeah, now its further east. I want you guys to tell me if you see something in your personal environment, and I will do the same. Then we can go and see where we are in the galaxy, and population, is it Andorra or Taured, etc. Hang in, you are NOT ALONE... much love, Melly
      • [ – ] tedingalls parent reply I am from a reality that was in the outer Sagitarius arm of the Milky Way...not where we are now. I am a trained psychic and have been aware of "shifts" for a long time. I think the first time I was aware there was an issue was when Mandela got out of prison...I remember his funeral and the I have been a little confused since then. Then a year or so ago when the Mandela Effect Videos started showing up I realized it wasn't just me...I had thought I was losing my memory or something.
        • mmworland parent reply tedingalls Yes, I did see it, but did not dig into it. So, are you checking daily to see where we are in the Galaxy? No change for me today, bur seems to be individual thing. Still on Orion Arm, geography, etc. same. Have not been out and about, but I usually feel them coming on. The energy is intense and I get that pit in my stomach. I am not psychic, but have a bit of everything, what our clan calls a Catalyst. Very connected to the elements, do get empathic waves, but not honed as a full on empath. Same with psychic awareness, some people, some days I know what is going to happen, what someone will say....I called an entire Cub's game during the playoffs just to show my hubby...I am not crazy...its not always "on" , but wow, when it is...its amazing. So, If you see something with your own eyes that has shifted, hit me up....I'll check and see if I shifted. Thanks so much for sharing a piece of yourself, I really cherish communication; especially from the heart frequency...more and you put that out. Much love, Melly
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