MAJOR Wi-Fi Exploit Found! ALL Your Devices At Risk! (How "Krack Attack" Works)

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  • [ – ] Caleb_Projects reply So let me get this straight. People have known about this hack for years, but they just told us about it now. And instead of waiting until patches were available before announcing this, they tell all the hackers what is possible before the rest of us can defend ourselves. I would prefer to have some tools to defend myself with before the hack is made public.
    • ADepic parent reply Lineage os already patched this. Get rekt stock roms, custom roms for the win.
  • TheOuterLinux reply Please don't confuse Android as "Linux" just because it technically uses a redheaded stepchild version of a Linux kernel; it is heavily modified. Only 41% of Android devices are affected, so I don't understand why you are saying everything and the sad part is, as far as I know, they are still working on it. To give you an idea, most Linux distros patched Dirty Cow months before Google did for Android (they put it off until December); ironically, waiting until the elections were over. And at the time you released this video, most Linux distros already patched KRACK around October 16.
  • theworldlychristian reply Great info. Is there a list of dates of expected updates for the various platforms: mobile, desktop and routers, that you know of? Or maybe the individual manufacturers might have that info?
  • RockstarBruski reply Great video explaining it all. If you have a wireless router that doesnt have a patch ready yet would you advise people to turn off the SSID broadcast so that hacker neighbors or hackers in a car near your house wont be able to see your router?
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