Faith and Fatherland | Bioshock Infinite 1

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  • [ – ] Directionally_Challenged reply the blind preacher always freaks me out...
  • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep reply HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOVELY HUMAN! Thanks for uploading this Bioshock Infinite gameplay video!!! It's been a while since I saw this game and I still love it!! I like it more than Bioshock 2, although I still prefer the original BioShock. But the theme and style of this game is still one of the best!!! Did you by any chance play PREY? Apparently it is like BioShock but in space... not as good, but fun enough to play! A bit of a hybrid between Half Life and BioShock I think!!! <3 I will come and find you on YouTube too! I really like your bubbly and cheery human voice you know? As a sheep it is soothing and nice! I've followed you on Instagram as well to keep up with your videos and on :)
    • The_Game_Catcher parent reply Oh, yeah, its really hard to beat the original Bioshock, but I loved this so much!! I haven't gotten to play Prey yet! I want to, but I've only got so much currency to spread around, so I'm waiting on that for a bit. Oh, and thank you so much! XD I really appreciate that!! My Instagram's a lot slower than the other two, but I hope you enjoy everything!
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