The Chronicles of Gamers Episode 37

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  • [ – ] ShawnSchaller reply I'm all about your resolutions. Very solid.
    • [ – ] TheChroniclesofGamers parent reply Thank you! We can't wait to do some co-op Nioh gameplay and I'm replaying Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep on the PS3 before playing Kingdom Hearts 0.2 a Fragment Passage, and almost done with Yakuza 1 before I buy Yakuza 0. What about you ShawnSchaller anything you're excited to play this year?
      • [ – ] ShawnSchaller parent reply Huge dragon quest fan. Most of my gaming - in terms of pure time logged - is portable these days, and I just got DQ8 in the mail and I'm pretty fired up about it.
        • [ – ] TheChroniclesofGamers parent reply You know I'm upset that I didn't know how amazing the Dragon Quest series are and I'm thinking of either buying Dragon Quest VIII on the PS2 or getting a used 3DS in order to get Dragon Quest VIII. Have you played the others as well?
          • [ – ] ShawnSchaller parent reply I have. I think the best bang for your buck would be VIII on PS2 - seriously the best in the series - or II on the NES if you feel like kicking it old school at not a crazy price. Otherwise, the original DS has remakes of 4, 5 (maybe my 2nd favorite in the series) and 6 that are all low-price, if you already have a DS.
            • [ – ] TheChroniclesofGamers parent reply Another reason to get the DS but I do know some places that'll sell VIII for less than 25. Besides if you're saying VIII is truly amazing then I want to try it on the Playstation 2. I'll have to put that on the list of games to play for 2017. Thanks! Oh and thanks for commenting on the episode.
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