10 Geek Struggles

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  • BrianAiya reply great video! 8/10 i can relate ;)
  • thelizzerd reply Once my friend dropped a book she borrowed into a pool D:
  • thecrystaljoy reply @MadiPatti Glad you're here :D
  • MadiPatti reply OMG~ Yes! My tattoos, no one knows. ;_; I can relate so much! So glad I found your channel. <3
  • laceituplove reply I definitely agree with all of this! Whenever I mention I like something that's categorized as "geeky," someone starts to ask me all this trivia and how if I don't know it, I'm not a real fan. Also, I didn't know you were also on vid.me! I guess I haven't been going through my subscriptions on youtube as well as I should be.
  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply My wife has had the clothes problem too. I've bought her a lot of men's shirts because the gal selections just don't rate high with her. And it does seem rare for movie studios to do justice to a book. It's painful to watch most adaptations. But I've had the same issue with audio books when they leave out characters or scenes to cut down on length. When you said being a geek girl is hard, and then so is being a geek, I thought you were going to continue and say and so is being a girl, which I would agree with even though I'm not a girl. Just observation. Great video!
  • thecrystaljoy reply @laceituplove I hate that. It's like, just let me live my life -_- I just got on Vidme, but I'm def still sticking around on YouTube. Vidme is kinda like a back up plan in case youtube blows up one day >_>
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