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  • [ – ] Rawman reply Enjoy your hiatus. Hopefully your health improves. Very important for us creators to take these once in a while. Mayo memes at #1 on trending! Get it!
    • [ – ] thy_koosk parent reply Thank Rawman, I'll try! and it is sometimes, things can't be perfect 24/7
      • [ – ] Rawman parent reply That is true. I'm long over due some me-time my self. I was considering this year to be my last year of this content thing.
        • [ – ] thy_koosk parent reply You do what you feel is best, I hope we can still talk if that's the case!
          • [ – ] Rawman parent reply I think I would do what Rick (shut_up_buddy) has done if I ever decide to call it a day (still keep my twitter and post meme stuff on the channel for fun and nothing too serious).
            • thy_koosk parent reply Sounds cool for sure!
            • [ – ] nodetact parent reply I think it's perfect normal for even legendary content creating pioneers as yourself to figure out a plan B should videos no longer be within your interest, benefit or energy to produce them. Just know that we'll stick with you until the very end of your online legacy, whether it is tomorrow or next year. Indefinitely making rich media files isn't for everyone especially if you are burdened with doing so for the rest of your life, assuming that's how long platforms to the likes of Vidme shall last. Diagnoseer @nodetact may be but a friendly reminder that you made a difference, but you were and still are one of my favorite all time heroes I'll never forget.
  • [ – ] GreyMovies reply You deserve a break for sure. You put out so much stuff so often, and that can totally mess you up. Relax and enjoy yourself. :)
  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply GHOSTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • [ – ] Marzipandorica reply We all need breaks sometimes. Good luck
  • [ – ] WebNoob reply See ya space cowboy
  • [ – ] Rage_By_Nightfall reply Blood On The Dance Floor sucks hardcore. Ugh. I like the skit. It's very original. :)
  • [ – ] thy_koosk reply THANKS TO @FireRam and @MUMS-Universe FOR SUBBING!!
    • [ – ] nodetact parent reply Wasn't fire already subscribed, as in, soon after you got verified? And wow, look at those tips... Money isn't the only way to show care, but it for sure is a thing to replenish one's well being - though your next hiatus is definitely what you're going to need for it! I can see that we've both recently unfollowed one another's channels, and while I was hoping it wasn't just because of my "flame war" with one of your collaborators, begging for the days you'd project Pisces predictions (which almost never even happened on channel @thy_koosk, lol), pander to my extremely limited musical literacy and even contrast with my professional organizations using your shit posts as examples wasn't planning out the ways I had hoped they would, so do not feel too bad for me with that mouse click. Though you might also need catharsis cake to unfollow my channel as well, seeing as that is your duplicate Vidme presence, obviously. G'luck in your future endeavors - even if you only read this whole commen...moret after your break off consistently content creating is over!
      • [ – ] thy_koosk parent reply He was when I opened up subscriptions and I didn't force anyone to tip me, that was their choice. And I do need to take some time to rest and get my priorities straight. I unfollowed because you don't follow me anymore, it would only make sense, not because of any "flame war." Also 1. I don't do astrological predictions 2. you never asked for a Pisces video or asked me for a reading which I will adjust the price, I would like a tip but I know that some people can't do that. Also I don't know jack shit about music theory, I can figure out sounds and have a certain taste but... I can't write. A few things I'd like to ask, what do you mean by professional organizations? How are shitposts supposed to play out? Why would would I feel bad for you over this? You unfollowed first. When I remember the password to CatharsisCake, I will unfollow your channel. Also, good luck to you. PS hiatus does not equate to dropping of the face of the Earth
        • thy_koosk parent reply well ... I did Taylor Swift ... but not with specific signs
        • [ – ] nodetact parent reply Woah, now I know what you mean by having difficulty when reading my comments! I still think you understood me okay with what you said still giving me more clarity, though. Since part of this comment of yours has something phrased out in the form of a question, I'll respond to it by pointing out that there are times where I make low quality videos to break the mold from my usually high standards for original content and you've done an amazing job even with your own impressive approaches to videos on Vidme. I was mostly referring it in a more selfish and condescending way that only works in my favor, but of course I am not THAT insensitive as far as trying to win an uncalled for race with your chill presence. TL;DR: I'm one confusing dude for sure, but the inferences are there!
          • [ – ] thy_koosk parent reply "as far as trying to win an uncalled for race with your chill presence." - @nodetact ?
            • [ – ] nodetact parent reply No one is the same. Actually, I always wonder what it ought to be like being free spirited, and not so uptight just because I don't want to get hurt and ignored anymore, but I'm too ignorant to simplify. :C
              • [ – ] thy_koosk parent reply It's understandable but first thing you have to do is let loose and not worry about attention from videos. I was like this an one point this year, but I stopped worrying about follows and am trying to not care about what others think of me. True self love starts it all, that comes with criticism and a willing spirit to do. Not thinking you're the best nor worse, just doing you and not comparing yourself to others. Once you fully understand balance, you'll know who and who doesn't imbalance you. Take what you want from this, but it's my personal experience with things.
          • [ – ] thy_koosk parent reply Okay? Like... I can't have shits and gigs?
            • [ – ] nodetact parent reply Not even OCD control freaks like myself get to make the kind of unruly opinions that dismiss all forms of happiness, sorry if I still did.
              • [ – ] thy_koosk parent reply Not all content is for everyone or can can be understood by anyone? Like your content? I'm okay with hearing everyone out but if you're going to complain about my shitposts for no reason and bring other creators into this?
                • [ – ] nodetact parent reply The way I dealt out content no matter what the cost was, especially the ever so controversy, definitely still takes its toll on whomever loves and/or hates it. I never said I didn't like your shit posts (in fact they get me through rough times, and they mean something as well even though that is against their intention), but yeah my coherency isn't the best and even as my English improves you're not going to be the last person to get this upset at me. What I just could not make out about Marzi was that he deliberately did all these amazing things for everyone but then somewhat contradicts that because for some reason a couple referral links is enough to irritate Vidizens not limited to him and poetic old soul. But do not waste your time with me if all I'm doing is making your stress worse, my actions don't necessarily match my words so if you can't stand my crap any further, just go. But realize at least I'll miss you. C:
                  • [ – ] Marzipandorica parent reply There is no contradiction between me making videos and not wanting to be tagged in random comments on random videos. Neither am I obligated to interact with anyone just because they watched my video. Me putting a video out there isn't an open invitation for people for anything else but for people to watch the video.
                    • [ – ] nodetact parent reply But that's why I didn't upvote your NO comments at first. I had a bad feeling you were one of those people whose comments vary dramatically from the personality as seen on the computer, even if you're not doing that on purpose, and are not putting on this "face".
                      • [ – ] Marzipandorica parent reply A video is a presentation for entertainment purposes, so do i comment differently then how i would talk in a video? Yes, i do. I also write differently in essay for school, or twitter, or texts to family or friends. How I comment on Vidme is primarily in short to the point comedic posts. I'm under no obligation nor do i want to write how I talk in a video.
                      • nodetact parent reply *your video hosting strategy is extremely overrated, which is so odd!
                  • [ – ] thy_koosk parent reply I guess I jumped the gun there... and you aren't upsetting me, I'm more confused if anything tbh. I'm open to most conversation. Idk your situation with PoeticOldSoul because I was blocked. Either way I wish you'll find self growth and positivity in life.
                    • [ – ] nodetact parent reply Sleep tight. My heart and forehead only started to chase out a bit after our civil discussion compounded with a recent heated argument I just had earlier with one of my family members, but yeah I'm okay. I negotiate as much as possible myself! Wow, ain't she something... Not the only Vidizen to start you off with this "oh don't worry I think you'll make fantastic content worth being in the midst of!" And then look at you like you're an outcast afterwards, though. Good luck with your off screen, in real life goals of pursuing!
        • Marzipandorica parent reply ^😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • frawstakwa reply Are you content with your content?
  • [ – ] frawstakwa reply Are you content with your content?
  • [ – ] Dragoninkmusic reply Enjoy your break there koosk! Nothing worse then when you start feeling like you HAVE to produce content, or when life is getting in the way but you keep pushing it aside cause the next episode is due... Hopefully this time helps ya
  • TiberiusJones reply 😸👙😂😂
  • [ – ] MUMS-Universe reply Big 🤗 & much ❤. There is no creativity without life & no life without creativity. Blance is the key. With that being said, we're all trying to find that balance & that's ok. May you be healthy, wealthy (n knowlege & wisdom) & prosperous. #Vidmefam #werenotgoinganywhere
  • [ – ] FireRam reply @thy_koosk your welcome love <3
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