MonDI 9 | Weekly Short

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  • [ – ] Mozart_Forever reply I just saw this on muse score. I love how you've included a piano for the playing of the midi. I love apps like that, I really love music animation machine, it plays your midis in a line with staves broken up, and brings full life to your works I use it after uploading as a visual for my works. You can use any midi on it, and it's FREE!!! I liked this midi Monday for it's sound and use of the piano in the video!
    • [ – ] cdnza parent reply I've never heard of music animation machine, but the title alone has sold me. I'm gonna have to Google that. Thanks :)
      • [ – ] Mozart_Forever parent reply tell me what you think when you try it. I use finale (oh no!!! I'm cheating) It's midi's play fine on that app.
        • [ – ] cdnza parent reply I can't believe you're cheating on Musescore!!!! I'm appalled that you would do such a thing... ...So, do you use the cut-down versions, or the full? Anyways, that animation program is actually pretty fun. I don't know the license terms for it, so it'll stick to a personal viewing experience. But it's really neat! Thanks for pointing this out for me :D
          • [ – ] Mozart_Forever parent reply Full 2014 version. I don't know the licensing for anything people probably own all my stuff and I wouldn't know XD
            • [ – ] cdnza parent reply Well, I guess I can't really get on your case for using a different notation product as I use a non-musescore one as well ;)
              • [ – ] Mozart_Forever parent reply Sibelius? note flight? I laughed for some reason :). finale just plays the piece so close to what it will actually sound like.
                • [ – ] cdnza parent reply Nah, I use Notion 6. If you have finale, do you then have/use Garritan?
                  • [ – ] Mozart_Forever parent reply Actually I've not heard of that till now, does it enhance the sound or something? How is Notion 6? does it sound good? The sound you'll hear on my second piano concerto is finales sound font!
                    • [ – ] cdnza parent reply I'd say so! I used Garritan on "The Aftermath" on my Musescore account. It comes as the default library for Finale 25 I do believe. As for Notion, I think it sounds pretty decent. My songs starting from "Moriarty's Grip" to "Injeborg's Conniving" all used Notion's sound library :)
                      • Mozart_Forever parent reply I've heard of Garritan, I think You're right about it being it. when I listened to it on muse score it souned pretty close, maybe the older or cheaper version? I liked the other sound font cause I just went back and re listened to them, but I think I like the more realistic sounding ones the most, though I don't mess with soundfonts because I'm not too tech savvy so you know... I don't want to mess my app up... But it's nice to hear them everyonce in awhile. But to me nothing will be a rusty old midi conversion sound!!!
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