Iceland Virtually Eliminates Downs Syndrome Via Abortion

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  • [ – ] SoulScorcher reply This is understandable; Down syndrome is a disorder that makes the person incapable of functioning in society completely. The fear however is that if this is massively supported they'd try to make arguments about; well this baby is non compliant, low in agreeableness which will create problems for his life, so it's up to you to decide you want to keep it under those conditions. Slippery eugenics slope that's going to be imo
    • phobes parent reply I have to agree with you SoulScorcher. Testing for this condition is unreliable and only truly informs people of their *risk* of having a baby with Down Syndrome, largely because it's not entirely tied to genetics. Remove the government's involvement in the decisions making process entirely, if that's permitted under the current system - otherwise, make it illegal because of the many forms of abuse it could entail.
  • Vyresse reply This is in principle what natural selection isn't allowed to do anymore. That is, to erase dysfunctional individuals before they can reproduce. In fact, natural selection would use much stricter criteria. Eugenics is merely an attempt to recreate what *should* be happening, so I can't say I disagree with the intent... but it won't change the fact that, in a civilisation, we grow weaker regardless, because the weak are unnaturally allowed to reproduce anyway. So ultimately it makes no difference, I still wait eagerly for all to be reset, so that nature will be once again allowed to improve us, and we can stop with our clumsy attempts to do its job
  • Brandon95 reply As someone who's pro choice I don't care, there's much more important things to worry about, Kim Jong-Un obtaining nukes comes to mind.
  • Tangara reply This applies to all Scandinavian countries. All pregnant women are offered Nuchal scans and Prenatal diagnosis. I haven't seen a Downs syndrom person or a midget in decades whereas they were fairly common in my childhood
  • DankMcDreamcast reply not a fan of late term abortion since the fetus has a functioning brain. also eugenics seems reasonable in a country only having a population of 300,000ish people.
  • McMurphy911 reply I've never understood the justifications for what qualifies a baby as a living being. Even at its earliest stages, it is alive. The sentience of the creature is only a matter of time. Attempting to define when its life begins is a subjective matter. It is hubristic and undeservedly callous. On the other hand, if it can be detected that the baby will have severe physical or mental issues, then I can see termination as a potential mercy on all parties involved. It should be very carefully considered though. Playing with human lives is no small matter. I honestly don't understand how Styx can be so blase about such a thing when he's so passionate about protecting human life outside of the womb. It is a pompous, arrogant and ignorant position to hold on such a grey matter.
  • DueyBear reply The problems I have with Iceland's policy: 1. Downs Syndrome is not an inheritable trait, it is a random addition of chromosomes, so taking the abortion route will not end the possibility of downs syndrome pregnancies. 2. Gene therapies are on the cusp of curing and/or greatly alleviating chromosomal defects, which means such a policy will soon be counter-productive to the advancement of medicine. 3. Whether the government allows for late term abortion or prohibits (same for eugenic abortion), both are moral positions to take, and saying one choice is amoral is simply disingenuous. Both policies take a position on what the government and the society as a whole see as human life. And frankly, I believe the government ought to err on he side of caution when it comes to life. 4. It may be down syndrome now, but in the future it could well be autism, epilepsy, physical (rather than mental) deformities etc. Setting a position for one disease provides precedence for many, many more and s...moreo the goal post moves. 5. Now the government will have to make a series of judgements of what equates a valuable life, judgements that will change over time.
  • FuerchtegottGellert reply As if the government won't imply it's morality via advertisement.
  • Menexus reply I would like to make the case for not having term limits regarding abortion. 1) Women will feel less rushed to make a hasty decision. In many cases, if a woman has the time to wait until she feels quickening, she will be less likely to choose abortion. 2) Ultimately doctors will be left to decide, and ethically they simply won't perform late term "convenience" abortions. Canada has no legal term limits, and the only reasons doctors will perform late term, is for medical emergency or where abuse was involved and for that reason an early term abortion was not possible. I believe this policy will result in less abortions overall. As for less or no cases of a severe birth defect? I don't care. Any parent who is willing and able to care for a disabled child is still free to do so. /shrugs
  • SolomonMcKay reply 4chan, and specifically /pol/, would probably cease to exist if we started aborting fetuses that have autism.
  • HadesXY reply The final solution to the down syndrome question you could say. On abortion I always ask the question if death would be better for that being. Like extrem poverty, irresponsible parents, difficult conditions. Yeah kill your proto-babies if you want, they won't have a life anyway.
  • knowitalltoknownothing reply It makes me very queasy. The more I explore life and what it means to me, the less I feel comfortable with abortion, eugenics or even inserting politics into my personal relationships.
  • SirThomas reply I want a pirate party in America too.
  • Crucifilth reply "If it's never born it's never an issue" ~Iceland
  • [ – ] ExcelsiorA reply I love common sense and reason. Great job once again Mr. Styx!
  • AssKingforever reply 100% agree with styx on this one
  • VybeyPantelonez reply I disagree on the lateterm abortion part but i think the rest of what you said i mostly agree with. Lateterm abortions are pretty much the same as just killing a baby. First two trimesters fair game, once the phoetus reaches a state of consciousness: it's basically murder (imo). Youre totally right though the parents should have the choice they will have to support the child. Is it even possible to detect downs in first two trimesters??? .. YAAR MATEY CAP'N STYX REQUESTING TO COME ABOARD ZE GOVT
  • [ – ] Space_Gorilla reply The left isn't becoming more religious where did you get that? Saying something positive about religion isn't converting. Also the left continues to champion abortion rights. The Down Syndrome thing kinda messed up but it ultimately happened before conception so it's the women's right. Could lead to a slippery slope in the future.
    • [ – ] FunkyMunky parent reply OMFG. Seriously?! All of those idiots are religious. They may not all worship a deity, but yes, they are religious zealots. They oppose those that believe an ideology different to (religious) theirs. They are morons that cannot recognise the evil in islam because they themselves are evil, brainwashed idiots fighting for zealotry without knowing they are being used. That's how stupid they are. They don't even know they're being used. Seriously, look at religion objectively, then you will see the zealotry in them
      • [ – ] Space_Gorilla parent reply That's wrong Styx used it in a religious sense that they are converting to organized religion. Styx is being dishonest because he's conflating two groups he doesn't like into one. That's wrong he's no better than CNN.
  • Thurisaz17 reply I'll just say that when I was a teenager, I believed stupid people should have been euthanized. Of course, I was very misanthropic. Still kind of am, but not to that degree.
  • RouteDog reply It's time for a new American party lose the Dems and Repubs labels and join the Pirate Party of America. We will steal good ideas from anyone. The RouteDog A Pirate 971) 813-4812
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