Dr. William L. Pierce - The Lesson Of South Africa

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  • [ – ] vikingsword reply Great video should be mandatory watching.
    • 1_Bunny_Rabbit_Supremacist parent reply +vikingsword Ironically, all human society is (in a qualified sense, like when raising a child) structured conditioning. The problems arise when the blood and soil race-collectives allow a (anti-natural law/anti-created order) jew infestation to get at their normal/natural organic value maintenance and substitute it with their synthetic death-promoting degeneracy. What's good for the preservation of the folk-collective ought to be what constitutes its laws, not what's good for the predatory parasite that infests them.
    • 1_Bunny_Rabbit_Supremacist parent reply +vikingsword His speeches and lectures used to be stored on https://archive.org for "preservation", but they've been scrubbed there because "content".
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