Welcome to my VIDME Channel. (#Vidme)

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  • [ – ] MrBigTAnderson reply Currently running both on both vidme and youtube. I will say people have been much more friendly here then on youtube but that is just my personal experience.
  • [ – ] SuperDan reply Hey man just got a bunch of notifications from you......... Thanks for the support with the upvotes and stuff. I been enjoying VidMe <3
  • [ – ] OctopusOnFire reply Good thing, I'm coming from Youtube as well. They seem to be more and more corporate everyday, forgetting about the creators that made them relevant in the first place. Vid.me looks like a nice alternative, good luck!
  • [ – ] DayOneMinecraft reply Hi, thanks for the nice upvote on my grub video. I too am a youtube refugee making minecraft and starcraft videos with my ten year old son. The vid.me platform is so much better I think I'll go exclusive with it. The complete corporate takeover of youtube is all but complete--you can see this with your very own eyes as small content creators filming Hurricane Harvey footage are buried or even scuttled and the top two pages are all corporate mainstream cable and network media "live" video feeds. Also, have you noticed the comments on vid.me are much more coherent, on the level, and simply decent compared to the comment stream of practically any popular video on youtube.
  • [ – ] FluffysGames reply Can't wait to see more from you! ^^
  • [ – ] WeDishingIt reply Thank you for the upvote! We are coming from YouTube as well. Just trying different platforms to get our content out there.
  • [ – ] LheNuggetz reply nice
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