Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Let's Play Part 33

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  • [ – ] ReverofEnola reply Have you played any of the other Kingdom Hearts games and if so where does this one rank on your list?
    • [ – ] tomtil parent reply I've played Kingdom hearts 1. 2, Birth By Sleep and Dream Drop Distance. To be honest I think KH1 is my second favourite after 2. :)
      • [ – ] ReverofEnola parent reply Ah I can see that. For me KH1FM is my all time favorite. With CoM coming in second and Days being my least favorite.
        • [ – ] tomtil parent reply KH1FM is a great game and I think the story is the best in KH1. To be honest I don't like chain Of Memories. Just cant get into the combat system.
          • ReverofEnola parent reply That's completely fine and expected lol. A lot of fans really can't get into it due to it being too RPG or too different from KH1 and KH2. I used to be the same. However, after delving into the combat system it turned out that it is really easy and abusive. Just like FF9 or FF tactics.
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