Rewriting History

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  • WhiteNation reply Robert E Lee wanted to send all the blacks back to there land which is Africa. The Arabs invaded Africa and we need to send black people back there so they can push the arabs out back to the middle east where they belong.
  • WhiteNation reply are you willing to fight for America and to keep all of it's flags from those black lives matter folk
  • [ – ] Trx125 reply It's unlawful to dismantle/destroy any American historical sites/monuments question is why are they doing it... Government shouldn't allow it. i don't like the statue of lucifer in Oklahoma, yet it exist...i believe it's wrong to deny any one of their heritage.
    • VonHelton parent reply City govt started this shit by listening to some whiny liberal blacks who wanted it taken down.
  • [ – ] Trx125 reply They will be a race war 100% guarantee !!!
    • [ – ] VonHelton parent reply As long as we keep exposing these plots, it won't. Someone is fomenting this at the state level.
      • [ – ] Trx125 parent reply true, but why can't they leave history and monuments alone?
        • VonHelton parent reply My understanding is that Soros took a page from Rothschild's book & played BOTH sides, the Antifa jerks as well as the white supremacists.
  • [ – ] FatherJ13 reply You do realize the Majority of the Counter Protesters are white liberals, Right?
    • [ – ] VonHelton parent reply Yea, but my understanding is that they arrived later. From what I know thusfar, this had been going on since last night, with a candlelight vigil to not take down the statue. Everything was peaceful until around noon time.
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