New VID.ME channel! Zachary K Hubbard banned from YouTube +Bannon firing & Super Bowl 52

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  • sharpeyr reply Hey Zachary! I just signed up for VidMe and I am now following you. I appreciate finding your work online and I plan to support your channel.
  • McSuperfly reply Alright alright alright! The truth WILL out!
  • HollyJ reply Hey Zach! Glad to see you getting away from Google. They definitely have it out for you.
  • cjames reply Been trying to find you since YouTube
  • Barni_Yamum reply good to see u here brother ;) ....just created the acc frew days ago becasue SGD moved here too... lets see how long this will work out
  • ncoloradofly reply I m spreading the your work and we need to let people know
  • Fuckedup_Soul5 reply Fellow truth seeker giving my support and spreading the word
  • IanHoward369 reply Cool Zac. I heard your shout....
  • WarrenKembel reply Alright cool brother. Time to watch like n share, get the counts up.
  • jdlovesme reply Glad to see you Zach! I'm learning so much from you. I came across this today: Tom Brady ranks second for most consecutive NFL games (52) with a touchdown pass. SB 52 coming up, right? Could be something..
  • ShaneM reply "No hate speech"
  • [ – ] shawnward95 reply Test
  • GregRams74 reply I hope things go better for you on this site. I don't know if it did any good, but I told youtube what I thought about their BS treatment of your channel. Thank you for you work!
  • 83better1 reply Hello Zachary! I like and have been watching videos while on Y and here! It is nice to see and hear you again! Keep the knowledge going!
  • 83better1 reply Hello! I'm just checking it out now,and it will be something to get use to.Glad to be here to see your great videos, again and again!
  • fortycal reply I'll be sending ppl to follow your channel
  • davidtanks34 reply I downloaded vidme just to follow you. In the past when i shared your videos on my facebook page ...i got flagged and reported to...smh
  • dion1973 reply Always there
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