Heterophobia in the LGBT Community

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  • [ – ] diversitydialogue reply No heterophobia here. All welcoming people welcome.
  • [ – ] Menexus reply I'm in my mid thirties, and in the 90's I was involved with an Aids organization that held LGBT youth gatherings where people could talk over coffee and get free literature, condoms, HIV and STD tests etc. There was heterophobia back when I was teen, so I'm not surprised to still see it today. "Breeder" was a pretty common word to disparage and dehumanize heterosexuals like an animal with a litter. Transphobia and hate for bisexual women was also VERY prevalent among lesbians in the 90's with political lesbianism and radical feminism having infected the queer community for quite some time already. Feminist ideology has been toxic for trans and gay people.
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