Broken America | Jesse Lee Peterson and Stefan Molyneux

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  • VybeyPantelonez reply Whoever tipped 10$.. nice!
  • [ – ] Auceza reply Feminists fucked up the United States.
    • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez parent reply It might be slightly more complex than that lol but yeah anytime one sex neglects the importance of the other were going to have problems. we need strong balance between the sexes and both are a necessity for healthy generations to come. Each sex has strengths and weaknesses so what we should really do instead of destroying the natural order is to simply support one another, as nature originally intended. (Imo)
      • Auceza parent reply It's not that complicated: Feminists fucked up the United States. But it becomes complex since you reject obvious facts in order to serve your beliefs. Even the actual rising of racism within the USA has been created by feminists. They made up the diversity theory in order to get quotas for dumb and incompetent feminists.
    • [ – ] GeorgeEnglish parent reply Jewish men invented feminism. Not because they care about women. They invited to get two lots of tax from one household. They won. Not the Goyim men and women.
      • Auceza parent reply Now the Jewish communities are also under attack of the feminists and the SJWs. This didn't went well, didn't it?
  • not--p reply Great conversation! It reminded me of "On Truth" in a spiritual context. The family is the #1 issue in America (and probably the West as a whole). Thinking of spirituality, will you be having Iben Thronholm on anytime soon? I wonder how she's doing after being blacklisted.
  • JVanDevender reply Stephen and Jessee are moral behemoths
  • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez reply One last comment: not trying to spam but long episode so thinking of different things: if these pu55135 think that America is bad in 2017 and thus wouldnt want to defend it, they need to pick up a history book and do some serious reading. You could even look at other countries today. we are so damn free and there is so much opportunity. If you don't appreciate that: i don't have any respect for you. doesn't mean I'm a blind patriot ..but i certainly have enough brain cells to see how relatively wonderful the potential is for this land. Sorry bout grammar am on phone
    • GeorgeEnglish parent reply Depends on what books you're allowed to see! (Never worry about grammar, as long as a message is understood that's all that matters.)
    • [ – ] Auceza parent reply Freedom is relative. Within the United States only the rich people got freedom these days. The freedom of the trailer park prisoners is pretty limited. I am not supporting Socialism in any ways. But the widening gap between rich and poor destroys democracy and freedom.
      • [ – ] rk4n3 parent reply All the inmates in the trailer park prison have color TVs, cell phones, as much booze as they want, and plenty of options for improving on whatever they're not happy about. All of this is much improved over how the poor have had things in the past.
        • Auceza parent reply Looks like they got everything what an inmate of a prison in Europe got. Maybe a bit less. These trailer park people live like prisoners and they also have to live in fear during the common prisoner knows he (or she) will get a meal next day.
  • Blizzah reply Great video.
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