I feel like a jerk because I forgot to check Vidme for comments and missed them

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  • [ – ] 2KidzatHeart reply Stuff Happens
  • [ – ] SonicMcPatriotic reply What a sweet thing to do. You seem like a very nice person. :)
  • [ – ] Bobtoronto reply A video just for me! I never expected that! I did wonder how I got missed in the other video but tried not to read (no pun intended) too much into it. I never expected this though! What a nice tribute. Thanks so much. I appreciate it. Yeah, that book is weird. It's not for everyone. I think you need the kind of dark sense of humour I have to really enjoy it.
    • [ – ] DragoNate parent reply <3 I'm glad this made up for it, and I'll be making sure to look at BOTH in the future! I don't have a dark sense of humor, so that might be part of why it wouldn't be for me :P My kind of humor is more thinking how something intended as a joke or silliness would be if it was done in a real life situation. If that makes sense...
      • [ – ] SonicMcPatriotic parent reply I know what you mean. Today the high school marching band, marched up our street (practicing), and stopped right in front of our house. I told my grand daughter (jokingly) I ought to get my sax and go stand by them and see what they do. LOL Years ago I might even had done it, and had her film it. LOL
        • [ – ] DragoNate parent reply That would actually be a hilarious scenario! If you ever get another chance, you should!
          • [ – ] SonicMcPatriotic parent reply I live up the street from the high school and only lived here a couple of months so, I don't know how often they do that, but I hope I have the opportunity to try it one day soon. LOL I could hear them way before they got to my house. It was just drums but didnt sound like drums to me. "I was wondering what is that sound? Is the dryer acting up?" LOL
            • DragoNate parent reply I know what you mean about noises. I hear strange noises around my place sometimes too and most often it's just someone slamming a door or the house creaking.
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