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  • [ – ] watertiger reply You don't realize the Guam is part of the USA. There is a huge Navy base there. I stopped over there one my way to Japan while in the Army. There is a large military presents there just saying. If there threaten Guam they threaten American and they are not part of the Marianas and it is not an Atoll. But I understand you have never been there so you didn't know.
    • [ – ] VonHelton parent reply My father served in the Navy in WW2. I am well aware of what Guam is.
      • watertiger parent reply well it is not an atoll but is it part of the Mariana islands I was wrong on that one. Atolls are a type of volcanic Island Guam is not a volcanic island but most islands in that area are so I can see how you might think that.
    • [ – ] watertiger parent reply Guam is a US. territory just like Porta Rico they vote in US elections.
      • [ – ] VonHelton parent reply Puerto Rico is eligible for Statehood, Guam is not.
        • watertiger parent reply Guam could become a us state but it is to far away and they never voted to become a state that is the only reason. The US government owns Guam and a treat to Guam is a threat to the USA. Guam became part of the US after WW2. They are subject to US laws as well. You do not need a pass port to visit and those who live in Guam are free to live an work any where in America. It is a nice island though I did not see much of it we stopped there to refuel so only spend about 4 hours there.
  • [ – ] dks12145 reply Not to justify their actions but, Guam is more than a tourist island. There is a sizable US military listening presence on the island. This is just more chest pumping.
  • BigLez reply who the fuck has NK ever attacked? the US has attacked at least a dozen countries since ww2
  • [ – ] Palosrob reply Since Guam is a US possession, there is no question of the US responding. Russia and China have no say. It'd be the same as if N. Korea attacked Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands or American Samoa.
  • [ – ] steel_skinner reply The thing about it is though Von how do we really know what North Korea is saying since all our news comes from the elitest controlled media? Somebody pointed out in a video comment yesterday that North Korea is resisting putting a central bank in and thats why theres all this bs being fed to people by the media. LIke so many other countries that have been destroyed because they didnt want one
    • VonHelton parent reply The elites may be involved, but if NK attacks Guam, a tourist destination, all bets are off.
  • [ – ] Flat_Earth_Dork reply upvote
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