Digimon Adventure Tri Abridged Ep3 - "Back To The Beginning"

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  • YamiryuuZero reply Nice way to promote your vid.me channel with the Youtube version being bordered! I'm encouraging most youtubers I follow to stick to vid.me, but they, for some reason, barely talk about it, even if they upload videos regularly here! Anyways, keep up the good work, love your parody series!
  • Sonata_Gundam reply Thanks for actually giving the Digimon voice lines it really creeped me out during the movie versions that the Digimon don't talk during their fights or say their attacks
  • Sonata_Gundam reply Blazing Azure Crow, thanks for always being so amazing. I am loving your Tri and Bleach Series. You made Tri so great to watch, I really love the use of the og TV songs, and love the casting. You made HerculesKabuterimon's speach to Izzi so much better. Anyway cheers man, I'm glad you are on Vidme. Sorry copyright nonsense happened. Sincerely, A big fan.
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