#GETTOVIDME || Community Challenge Vlog

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  • [ – ] SalBerry reply @The_Game_Catcher @DatWhiteguyJ @SteveOfWarr CHALLENGEDDD!!
  • [ – ] DatWhiteguyJ reply ACCEPTED
  • [ – ] Voxgizer reply I was curious about what the gettovidme thing was, I clicked yours, glad I did. I've been on VidMe about two weeks now, myself, and I'm really enjoying it a lot. Thanks to you, I know how to do a gettovidme video now. lol Can't wait to see what else you do here, bud!
    • TheStoneMan parent reply Well I'm happy to help good sir! :D and thanks so much for choosing my one out of all the others out there! Yeah like I said in the video no one seems to have anything bad to say about Vidme, proper excited to be here and check out all the other awesome creators. Thanks again man :) have a good one!
  • [ – ] RAGEfit reply Welcome man :). Damn right youtube is tough to get your name out there on
    • [ – ] TheStoneMan parent reply Thanks dude :) yeah it's crazy hard to try and draw in new viewers. You just get lost amongst memes or pranks... Not that I've got anything against those videos, if that's what you wanna do then crack on. Just sucks being a small fish in a big pond.
      • RAGEfit parent reply i mean, it definitely grows faster and faster the bigger you get I've learned, however, getting there takes a looooooooong time
  • [ – ] SalBerry reply OCH STUUNE MAN!!! I may live here but I don't speak their lingo XD
  • [ – ] SteveOfWarr reply "Have a nice day... unless you're a dick, then fuck you" 😂
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