Snow Nyanko Speedpaint

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  • [ – ] saninakreid reply This came out really nice!
  • [ – ] FringeWizard reply How do you draw the lines? I can do all of this except I can't draw lines, arches, etc. properly.
    • [ – ] Raichana parent reply I actually have a video that includes the lines so that may show it a bit better then this one But essentially i have a tablet that doubles as a screen so that makes it very easy to draw lines since it's exactly the same as drawing on paper. However even just owning a tablet (like a wacom bamboo or intuous) can really help since you are essentially using a pen just like you would with traditional mediums instead of trying to use a mouse. I hope that answers your question!
      • [ – ] FringeWizard parent reply Nah that really doesn't. I have a Huion tablet myself as well as a variety of nice pens, pencils, paints, etc. and the problem is I can't draw straight lines, perfect arches, etc. I just draw what looks like more random squiggly scratches. I think it's because of stress and sleep deprivation, two things I'm still working on, but I really want to try and understand better how it's done. For some reason I can draw really beautiful trees perfectly btw but not much else.
        • [ – ] Raichana parent reply hm... i know some programs (like the one i'm using Paint tool Sai and others like Clip Studio Paint) have a stabilization option. it makes the lines appear a little slower but they are much smoother. To be fair, straight lines and perfect arches are really difficult so all i can really say is practice is the best way to get better at them (and if you really need straight lines making a point where you want to start and then hold shift and make a point where you want the line to end and you'll get a straight line) Also to be fair being able to draw things like trees is an amazing skill, i struggled for almost 2 hours trying to get the trees in the bg to look 'ok'. so even though it feels like nothing it's a great starting point and i'm sure with time and practice you will continue to get better and better at things you struggle with now. Sorry i couldn't be much help.
          • [ – ] FringeWizard parent reply I have Krita and Gimp (I'm on Linux and always have been since Windows Vista was the latest Windows OS) and I guess I could cheat and use that. I've always been able to draw trees extremely well without really having to learn it, it's just some weird ability I've always had, as if inherited from a previous life. Are you into the occult? I am going to make a tulpa that helps with me with drawing, that should work out great for me.
            • Raichana parent reply Ah i see I haven't used either of those programs but i'm sure you'll get it to work out!! Good luck with making your tulpa, i hope it helps!
  • [ – ] MiniSeaStar reply The little snowman looks so cute!
    • Raichana parent reply Thank you! I figured if i was planning to make a snowman it would probably look something like that (too bad the snow here isn't the best for building snowmen ><... also i hate going out in the cold lol)
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