I tested the "ad friendly" situation on YouTube, and it isn't good.

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  • [ – ] Midness reply In Germany it´s adfriendly if you make a video in which you ask people on the street: "Can I grab your ass for 200 Euro?" (and this was a number one Video on Youtube Germany) xD Creators who posted Videos about the Gamescom got demonetized. So Youtube is broken. I think they lost a little bit the control about the platform.
    • CrazySeanDX parent reply I think this helps back the argument that YouTube doesn't care for Content Creators in the gaming genre.
  • [ – ] FindingMyself reply this is why i moved to vidme i got suspended for commenting back to my viewers
  • [ – ] Ledgitimate reply I have only had a few of my videos labled as "not advertising friendly" but one that has been is purely because I said the dreaded f-word a few times. YET big channels like Jackcepticeye, openly state that they are popular because they swear, and all their videos are still "ad friendly". I mean YouTube isn't really effecting me because I can hardly make $2 on ad revenue after 7 months of uploading, but where is the fairness and consistency??
    • [ – ] CrazySeanDX parent reply They also told Casey Neistat(hope I spelled that right) that they wouldn't put ads on his video about the Las Vegas shooting(Casey even claimed all ad revenue would go to charity) because they refuse to have people make money off of tragedies. Jimmy Kimmel's plea about the shooting(while good natured and from the heart) is on his show's YouTube channel, and is monetized with ads. They care more about big TV companies than they do the content creators that made YouTube what it is today, and it shows. No idea how much longer people will take this.
  • renatebutler reply Tell me bout it...I uploaded cooking nd sight and sounds of my city vid`s...last week walked over our fair and they TERMINATED my channel for hilden endangerment!!! REALLY!!!??? While similar vids still out there lol I was pissed upset cried and now I am like screw this....Its like I robot now lol....its killing itself man....
  • CrazySeanDX reply Even though this video is the same as the last one but with less anger, YouTube says it's ad friendly. Shit's fucking broken, yo.
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