History Buffs: The Last Samurai

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  • CaketheCat reply Saw your old channel and the playlist but instead of binge watching I decided to wait and just watch it here. Screw the old overlords of YT. Tip coming soon! :)
  • PsychedelicBadger reply Great video. With Halloween or its way, why not do The Wicker Man? (Original Christopher Lee version) Despite not being as well known as some horrors, it’s full of interesting historical occult references.
  • POVincent reply Great video. As a movie guy, it was really enjoyable to learn the history the movie was based on.
  • History_Uncovered reply Must be nice to have every one of your videos recommended by vid.me.
  • RumIsHealthy reply 2 generations later their descendants fought with Russia over warm water
  • Minizigs reply Awesome vid!
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