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  • [ – ] Platypus67 reply Yeah! This is such a funny and iconic character!! Love it - and the one game i played ages ago was really cool too...
  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply It's about time that Earthworm Jim got some coverage here! Too bad we ended up with a lazy, half-assed, pointlessly outsourced, Hi-Def remake. (I'm not one of those "buy and hire American" dipshits, but EWJ deserved much, much better.) Truth be told, I think Doug TenNapel deserves the rights to EWJ and The Neverhood.
    • SharkPlaysGames parent reply ya. i'm so sad and disappointed that he was fucked over and they haven't done a decent game for him since 2. it's so annoying when corporations screw shit up and then think that the public has lost interest. so many good franchises have gone to waste because of this b.s.
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