Batman v Superman: Dawn of Subjectivity | A Rant on Opinions

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  • PopcornLobotomy reply I think we're conditioned from birth to pick teams rather than logically reason for ourselves; by sports, politics, religion, school and almost every other aspect of life. A binary paradigm makes a society easier to manipulate and keep in order. Is it moral or immoral? Is it just or unjust? Legal or illegal? Does it suck or is it totally awesome? We need to make critical thinking cool again and start to get comfortable with shades of grey. Not the movie, though, that movie fucking sucks.
  • TheCynicalCypher reply I feel like I should note some stuff here that I feel. I feel subjectivity is a fine line to tread when talking about films. So I don't think it's any secret that I'm not a fan of BvS or Suicide Squad for that matter. I constantly poke fun at them as films because in my eyes, they're objectively bad films. But I always try to make a point that if you subjectively like those films, there's no issue with that! My issue comes in when people use their subjective stance on a film to issue it an objective rating. For example, it's easy to say, "I loved these characters", but when describing quality, your distinct, personal enjoyment doesn't really cut it. What made said character good? Did they receive proper treatment that made the character connect with the audience? I ask myself questions like this all the time as I don't feel like my personal feelings on a character are good enough to distinguish the overall quality of something, such as the aforementioned character. Again, being able to...more say, "I loved BvS", that's great and I commend you for it! I respect anyone's opinion who is sharing their subjective opinion. It's when you try to push a subjective opinion down people's throats that I feel it becomes an actual issue, as with this instance here. Granted, I get the impression that the guy here might have just been trying to be a troll, but I digress. People on the internet will do anything as long as their have that anonymous veil on him or herself, but that's an entirely different can of worms. Regardless, keep up the good work!
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