(VTT) vol.3 GoPro fun

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  • B4eternityends reply Sure Dan, first the PROS- quality (4k) and 1080 at 90 fps. Also voice control, and it's water proof out of the box, which saves alot of time not having to deal with the he hassle of a case next is price rn it's around $300 which seems high but when you consider what your getting its not bad. Next the CONS , and this one is tricky, but the size. Don't get me wrong I love the form factor but there just aren't enough cases that fit it so your limited on mounts, eventually they'll come around to it, but for now we're stuck waiting. Next because it so small there's no room for a screen, much less a touch screen like you'de find on the hero 5, that aside you can always use the native app which will provide you with a monitor on a phone or tablet (you provide). All in all I love this pocket 4k camera and would recommend for any video enthusiasts or someone that just wanted capture the moment on their next adventure.
  • dancrivelli reply sweet, I nearly bought one of these, would you do a quick list of pros and cons?
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