They Fear What They Cannot Conrol

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  • HairlessApe reply its really good to see mgtow men supporting other men, it inspires me. thanks AM. as for real mgtow check it out.
  • tpaske reply This is probably one of your best pieces in my opinion. You did a masterful job of describing what mgtow really is. I am one of your supporters and I don't necessarily agree with everything you say all the time. You speak your mind and don't care what others think. That is why I like your content so much. BTW, I am one of those who wish things were different. I wish I could find a good woman. But the odds are very, very bad these days. I am in my mid forties and have been a mgtow monk years before mgtow was even a topic for discussion. I have seen what women do to men for over two decades...
  • AItiger reply This another reason why men should go MGTOWN, ITS NOT WORTH IT. Marriage is a Joke an so are MEN the way they treat or value us as disposable utilities. No mortality
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