The Witness Frustrating Me More

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  • [ – ] Unfair reply Not sure if this is recent or if you've progressed further by now, but I'd highly recommend paying attention to the environment in this game, not just the puzzle boards themselves. There are only two or three types of puzzles that do not use the environment in some way. For example, the tree puzzles you were so frustrated by are very easy to solve if you pay attention to the red apples/branches in the tree directly behind each puzzle. Second note, some puzzles like the gate you just ran into are partially covered to "lock" them, they aren't solvable even though you can sort of interact with them. There are also some areas like the town in the center of the island that are *technically* solvable, but you'll have a really hard time doing them first. It's better to do all the edges of the island to learn all the puzzle types before tackling the puzzles that combine multiple types (like the town). Finally, some puzzles have multiple exits/solutions. The solution you choose WILL m...moreake a difference, but you can re-solve it the other way if you don't like the results. I hope this alleviates your frustration a bit without spoiling the experience for you. This game is all about discovery, but the lack of tutorial/explanation can be frustrating at times.
    • ZomB_Niki parent reply Wow, thank you for the tip :) I have not gotten to far into the game so i did not know how much detail they really went into. And i agree that the way they throw you in without no idea of what to do is a little annoying.
    • Unfair parent reply Oh god, it removed all the spacing from my nicely formatted paragraphs. Vidme really needs to fix that...
  • thehappymarriedgamer reply Will have to try this game it looks fun I like the dots puzzle
  • thehappymarriedgamer reply Heck yea love the background music!
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