Our Guide to Watching the Dragon Ball Franchise!

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  • TheWeirdArcade reply The community on Vidme is a lot less toxic then Youtube
  • TheWeirdArcade reply Hi This is my first time on Vidme and I have to say I'm impressed
  • ryyuuji_ reply @fuller_spectrum Thank you for the criticism! If you'd like to hear my opinions on Kai and GT, I can make a video about them.
  • Stamasian reply I watched DB/Z/GT/Super out of order due to the fact I started back in the Toonami days. My wife's first time watching it was when the orange bricks were coming out. We are now both watching Super every week subbed. Has to be my all-time favorite show.
  • AnimeJostlers reply Just a bit of criticism here, you took a pretty long time to say that the plot shouldn't be skipped and to watch in order. Also, I'd like to hear your deeper opinions on GT and Kai.
  • iamli3 reply lol your logo is under the video's player ui that makes it nearly impossible for me to tell what it says XD ...
  • gothmoth reply the DBZ movies follow a weird timeline
  • Fighting_Zenith reply I used to watch DBZ when I was 12-15, but they kept repeating the first three story arcs and it got so popular to the point where I stopped. I also kind of like the original Dragon Ball.
  • QuazzVids reply "Dragon Ball Jeet". That's how I heard it and that's how I'll be saying it from now on, lol. I think people need to just watch a handful of episodes of Dragon Ball if they want to get a feel for the characters. I watched all the episodes of Z and only a handful of the original show and I could follow along just fine :) Anyway, I'm happy that someone's talking about all these shows because they're all great. Well, except for GT imo - maybe I just didn't give it the chance it deserved but I couldn't get into it. I thought it was kind of lame that they turned Goku into a kid. All in all, cool video man :D
  • WillyMacShow reply Damn N0p. These new videos are so freaking good! Keep making em!
  • SyncKo reply What Adobe programs are those?
  • ryyuuji_ reply @QuazzVids Thanks you! Anyway, this guide is just what I think people should do if they haven't watched it yet :D
  • ryyuuji_ reply @TheWeirdArcade Heck yea! Vidme is awesome! Welcome to the community!
  • ryyuuji_ reply @ProjectKillJoy Thank you so much! It means a lot! :D
  • ryyuuji_ reply @itsAiya Probably, the only reason I do Dragon Ball so much is that I know much more about it than most other anime I've seen. :) @SyncKo It is Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 and Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 :)
  • BrianAiya reply will you talk about other anime your channel aside from DBZ?
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