Mad Matt Reviews #26 Doctor Who And The Daleks

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  • [ – ] cryptodigitator reply Props for giving this a fair shake & not being a canon-purist
    • Mad_Matt_Inc parent reply Much like the MCU, it's very much it's own thing other than the main plot beats. And for a shorter version of more or less the same story, it's not bad.
  • [ – ] Dos_Gaming reply I never liked doctor who and still don't.
    • Mad_Matt_Inc parent reply Depends on the writers and the Doctor for me. This movie is... ok. Not great, but it also shorter than the show version and cuts a lot of useless fluf. However season 9 from two years ago. Over all really good season, and yet Matt Smith's second season, Season 6 of modern Who, is one of the worst, and yet didn't have the worst episode in New Who oddly enough.
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