Syndicate (DOS) - Let's Play 1001 Games - Episode 175

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  • [ – ] Brologic_Productions reply You know the second you read the "clean sweep" mission my mind went to: "War changed. It's no longer about nations, ideology, or ethnicity. It's endless series of proxy battles fighting over who has the most ads playing on youtube and daytime television. XD" Anyways great video, I had no idea bullfrog worked on this. I need to pick it up from gog when I find the time :3
    • [ – ] GamingJay1001 parent reply I'm gonna admit I don't get it but I like it just the same :) haha
      • [ – ] Brologic_Productions parent reply Oh, heh heh it's a reference (though not a direct quote) from the beginning Metal Gear Solid 4. Snake monologues about war has changed, one part referring to how private companies have gotten into the business of war. The idea of companies sending soldiers to a city because of interference with an ad campaign made me think of a dark humor version of that :P
        • GamingJay1001 parent reply Oh gotcha. Yeah that totally sounds like Snake now that you say it! haha. Actually Metal Gear Solid was one of my FAVORITE Playstation games but I actually haven't really played any of the sequels! Hard to believe right? I've got them all on my list though and I'm pretty sure a handful are in the book itself so that will be changing eventually. I'm looking forward to trying them finally :)
  • [ – ] nerdleadersmart reply Nice video
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