Justin Trudeau tells governors in the U.S. to stop putting America first

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  • VoiceOfTheSoul reply Annexing Canada is a terrible idea by the way, because if you guys elect another Obama, then we are fucked as well. We had Harper while you guys had Obummer.
  • VoiceOfTheSoul reply Also I was living in Fort McMurray when the wildfires happened and evacuated with everyone else on May 3rd, and absolutely the Trudeau government did fuck all for that disaster, and Notleys governments inaction on wildfire management pre-fire and cutting the wildfire budget before the fire made the situation much worse. Trudeau is pathetic, would be worse than Merkel if not for Trump being next door neighbour.
  • VoiceOfTheSoul reply I am a proud Canadian, but I am so fucken jealous of USA right now with Trump as President. All the MSM talks about is how dumb Trump allegedly is. EVERYTIME I LISTEN TO TRUDEAU HIS STUPIDITY PISSES ME RIGHT OFF.
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