Trump is Making a Mistake by Not Further Endorsing Protection of Homosexuals

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  • NoPartySystemCom reply Hate Fags and Standard Fuck Party's make it pretty difficult to show much support to the Gay Community.
  • AngelofSorrow reply Styx hit the nail on the head. Facts don't care about your feelings. Logic over emotion is how you successfully navigate the political chess game. But politics is also downstream from culture, that's why Hollywood celebrities have political influence through emotion and idiots tend to vote left against their own best interests. Case in point: "Let's stop rape culture(moral outlook) by importing "refugees" from an undeveloped culture that treats women like cattle."
  • MaitreMarkScully reply I agree with Putin when he says 'Homosexuals are leaches on society - they use education, hospitals, roads etc, but they do not give back what society really needs - children.' They take but do not give, I support a homosexual tax!
  • userXVI reply Yes we all support freedom of expression, but I do not support somebody enforcing Law upon normal reproductive people. They want to be treated fairly, fine! act normal! but leave normal people the hell out of it.
  • TokensWorth reply Boooooooooooo.
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