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  • OldTimer reply I remember when the Banana Administration had ordered prior just before he left office that he ordered to have the oval office refurbished that it would possible take year before Trump could use the oval office, when I heard that a big red flag went up & first thought that came into my mind he would have the entire white house bugged & I do believe this is exactly how all these leak are happening even to date... Trump needs to have a very reliable bug detector surveillance company go through the whole white house with a fine tooth comb to see if they can find anything that could be hidden mics or whatever... never trusted that corrupt Banana man Obama.....
  • 93cummings1 reply I always believed that Gabe, since the very beginning!
  • Lucky2bGorgeous reply I'm sure Obama did, but will the Main Stream Media cover it? They seem to interest in covering Russian Salad Dressing.
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