Self Defense is a Crime! (Several Crimes, Actually)

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  • [ – ] FriendlyFaucet reply Here in the U.K a while ago a man killed a guy who broke into his house with a baseball bat... the house owner got charged and sent to jail... the house owner was an old man who lived alone he only hit the intruder once...
  • silverfox441 reply An RCMP officer told me once; "use the three "S" when you defend yourself: Shoot, Shovel, Shut-up."
  • [ – ] OxAcientOrder reply The right to self defense. No other country has this negative right been written into the supreme laws of the land other then the US. There is one part of this story that is important. The aggressors were running away when that guy was shot.
    • IrvingTwin parent reply "...and several shots were fired as the suspects fled..." The article is unfortunately unclear about who was shooting- reading that line, I envisioned the two groups firing at each other. I still thinking firing at them is reasonable; if you're not willing to use the weapon you just took from your attacker, they're likely just going to take it back, especially if you're outnumbered.
    • Fullfasc parent reply eh, the enemy running away doesn't mean the interaction is over. Better to make sure its over.
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