MonDI 16 | Weekly Short

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  • [ – ] Mozart_Forever reply Now that first one is what we call a short short! and that's not a short joke! I wonder the dreams you dream with the music you create :O Though mine are never classical or most of the time even musical, just very messed up XD
    • [ – ] cdnza parent reply Do you think it would be more or less terrifying to have classical music set to a nightmare?
      • [ – ] Mozart_Forever parent reply It depends if I had the screeching sounds of violins like in the shining I'd wake up terrified. Now if I had Mozarts 29th symphony I'd wake up okay. I did have a dream one time, that apes imprisoned us, well I escaped, and I was at home and it was night, and I had to go outside and get my fried potatoes from my moms car, well I look up at the building in our yard and I see a chimp running at me screaming, and I wake up and was punching at the ground. I had never done that before in my life, and I will remember that dream vividly just because of the fact it caused me to do that. plus I sleep with the lights and everything off so it makes it that more scary. I did have a dream one time I saw Mozart conducting, and he let me conduct but that's about one of the few musical dreams I've had/remember.
        • [ – ] cdnza parent reply That's quite a dream, to be able to replace Mozart in conducting a piece of his! But, that monkey dream at the same time was also just a tad bit intriguing. You weren't kidding when you said you have weird dreams ;) Though I will say that I think it'd be kind of exhilarating to have the soundtrack of "Psycho" playing to a nightmare playing out. But, maybe that's just me...
          • Mozart_Forever parent reply I do, a lot of my dreams I have super powers, and can levitate. I guess it's just where I'm creative my dreams are just as creative. If only I was a director/writter and not a composer XD JK! I've had a lot of night mares too, most of them have me trying to get rid of an evil spirit while in the dark, which is bad, because as I said I sleep in the dark nothing on so, I wake up to the dark... And my heart pounding, and sometimes the evil spirits are the devil so... There is research that say dreams mean things, but I tend not to pay attention to the meanings.
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