Are Child Sex Dolls A Way To Keep Kids Safe From Predators?

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  • [ – ] I3UTM reply If I could tip p, this video is one I would tip on. I am in a full agreement with you on this. There was an actual Libertarian candidate, in either 2008 or 1988 that advocated for something similar. Thanks for this!
  • drewwest_press reply Lol, I'm being accused of being a pedophile for not trying to be a murderer. Go figure.
  • [ – ] 3rdShiftPhilosopher reply The issue with making child sex dolls more common is that it legitimizes the condition they have. That could eventually turn it from an illness to eventually being identified as a sexual preference. It's sad for them but in my opinion, the best way to reduce child abuse and molestation is to make a person to be extremely ashamed for even having a desire to have sex with children. Don't feed it with an outlet because it could strengthen it, not detur it.
    • drewwest_press parent reply I e heard this argument too and I understand the logic, I just don't know if that's true for all of them. I suspect a large group of them are ashamed and would rather just have the dolls in private. Some people are seriously broken and don't care about rules or norms. They just do whatever they want. We usually call them sociopaths and psychopaths.
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