✞ Pope Paul VI Audience Hall: Snake Bite in Vatican City + St. Peter's Keys to Heaven

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  • matheasysolutions reply The fact that the Pope Paul VI Audience Hall looks like a giant snake's head alone is disturbing but the fact that only the "mouth" of it is ACTUALLY in Vatican City, it looks as if a snake (or the devil?) is biting into Vatican City.... #MINDBLOWN Another interesting fact that is hidden in plain site (and has a media/Vatican blackout) is St. Peter's Biblical Keys to Heaven is clearly symbolized by a giant key protruding outwards from Vatican City, and more specifically from St. Peter's Basilica where his body lies under... #MINDBLOWN2 View Video Notes on Steemit: https://steemit.com/religion/@mes/video-notes-pope-paul-vi-audience-hall-snake-bite-in-vatican-city-st-peter-s-keys-to-heaven #GetOnSteem
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