DOW (Darkside Of Wrestling) Episode 42-Sami Zayn vs.Christian

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  • dwellstherock1 reply shout out to Tyler Black & bombpopoverdrive aka Mark. also Ace Brody.
  • dwellstherock1 reply my bad,tomorrow will be episode 44,episode 45 is on Saturday,i got mix up on date.
  • [ – ] bombpopoverdrive reply ...the DOW series is actually pretty fun to watch, dude! Do you take requests by chance? Cheers!
    • [ – ] dwellstherock1 parent reply thanks Mark,glad u like it & yeah,you can take some requests,tell me,what wrestler figure,you want me to use to play a match on next show,i got a lot,i got Batista,Christian,Undertaker,Sting & others with me,tell me which wrestler or match,you want me to play on & i will do it on next episode for DOW! Episode 43 is up now,but episode 45 is tomorrow.
      • [ – ] bombpopoverdrive parent reply Awesome! Any chance we can see Sting take on AJ Styles, or Sting v. Kevin Owens? Cheers!
        • dwellstherock1 parent reply i don't have Kevin Owens,so won't have him vs. Sting,but i can do Sting vs.AJ Styles,i have them 2 figures. so DOW episode 44 is on tomorrow on vidme. u will see it tomorrow. i will have 2 matches. i think i'm have Seth Rollins vs.Sami Zayn & main event is Sting vs.AJ Styles for tomorrow's episode
  • dwellstherock1 reply sorry about that,had to keep the nose down,my brother was in other room,didn't make loud nose today,i'll try do it tomorrow's video
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