Bushy B The end of Vidme

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  • [ – ] CiliRat reply I can not find this limit listed on the sight. Was this something only said in emails?
    • [ – ] Bushy_B parent reply Hi there . Yes it was sent out via email and I read what the email said about a 50GB limit
      • [ – ] CiliRat parent reply It looks like a lot of people got that email but there is no mention of a limit on the web sight. We need an official word from Vidme if this is true or not.
        • Bushy_B parent reply it has stopped me uploading anything tbh until i find out but my latest stuff from Foxy Fest is on my youtube channel
  • [ – ] ITSnippets reply I think the Kentantino thing was the death rattle of vidme.. this is just the final moan.
    • [ – ] Bushy_B parent reply The main death of vidme was when I complained about some yank bird with cleavage out and a click bait thumbnail sayint it is ok to FAP over here... I was like what the FUCK vidme there is kids on here ... My channel was set for 18+ as I swear on my videos .. and yet the vidme team time after time kept on promoting her vile kiddy entrapment page for cheap views.. no proper content other than her tits
      • ITSnippets parent reply Not a Tara Babcock fan huh? lol. Yeah.. I'd seen that vid but she does the same on YT and shes a 'big youtuber' and on twitch so shes will get preferential treatment.
  • [ – ] albanothemadman reply Hey Bushy B. Here's what I think. I'm brand new here. IMO, VIDME is a different animal than YouTube. It's a much smaller company, and simply doesn't have the seemingly infinite storage capabilities that Google and YouTube do. I think that if I curate my channel with a bit of strategy, It can work out.. The thing is, it will get better (again, IMO) the more creators sign up. More creators...more revenue...more storage (in a perfect world, anyway.) Remember too, from what I can gather, VIDME is a small company that is now seeing a pretty significant influx of new people. There will be growing pains. I'm gonna try to stick it out and try to help it grow. I hope others wont freak out and jump ship. it'd be a colossal waste of a very promising platform. Respectfully, of course.
    • Bushy_B parent reply Hey Albanothemadman.. I have been here since December last year and I also thought the same as you do, but as I explained in my video I upload 50 gig a month from music gigs and events that I go to, so a 50 gig total storage limit is crap and what happens to all my other 350 gig of videos I have uploaded to vidme? If your just posting 5 min videos or 15 min videos you will get alot of videos on but some of mine are over 1 hour long and shot in ultra HD. Out of all my videos it is sods law my final video gets comments and feedback lol
  • Bushy_B reply Please share this among the vidme community
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