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  • [ – ] JasonEe12 reply Awesome intro. Surprisingly I thought the only good intros come from Vegas, or Premiere, but this is fantastic.
    • [ – ] Noipe parent reply HitFilm is pretty similar to Vegas and Premiere, but it's free so I already like that about it, not to mention it's very responsive and just dang easy to use once you figure out the tools. There are some things I don't like too much about it, but all in all it's pretty good, far more flexible than Vegas ever was when it came to moving stuff on the screen.
      • [ – ] JasonEe12 parent reply Any pro version of the software or any money needed to use it? I think this may be my new dream video editor. Free!
        • [ – ] Noipe parent reply There are paid for versions and effects you will need to pay for to be able to use (which are a one time fee) but besides those, the software is completely free. I made this intro with the completely free version, there's no trial or anything, entirely free!
          • JasonEe12 parent reply Ah, in that case, I'll go check it out! Maybe this is truly my dream video editor without needing any money.
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