TMNT IV Pt. 3: Bury My Shell At Wounded Knee

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  • [ – ] duffy reply you had me at tmnt. was this based on the shitty time travel movie?
    • RetroRevelations parent reply LOL Nah man. They actually called that "Turtles in Time" on home video release, retroactively. It's based on the arcade sequel to the original arcade game. They already had an NES game, so they named the arcade port TMNT II, then they had a III, and named the SNES home port of this game TMNT IV. They stopped numbering them after that (Also they stopped making games in this style period for some time). It's a great home port with extra content the arcade didn't have, although they also changed stuff. The Sega Genesis game "Hyperstone Heist" shared many of the same elements, and actually has a couple things from the arcade game that for whatever reasons, the SNES game doesn't have. That Sega game'll be coming soon, as we also played that! Thanks for commenting, Duffy!
  • [ – ] WilliamGJones reply I love this game! I dragged out my on SNES not too long ago but the controllers buttons quit registering after a few minutes. It's nice to see the game played since I can't really get this far on my own.
    • RetroRevelations parent reply I know how that goes. My Super Game Boy doesn't seem to work quite as well as it used to. Neither do a couple of games with battery backup saves. They don't seem to want to retain save files anymore. Which both sucks and is bewildering, because old NES carts I have, like Zelda, with battery saves, work just fine. lol
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